To visit the finest eating establishments that Sydney has to offer.


  1. To taste the finest foods the culinary world has to offer
  2. Most importantly, to regularly spend time with friends


  1. Membership is granted upon full participation in an official club event.
  2. Members will officially meet once a quarter and dine at a predetermined restaurant, known for its fine foods ("Hat" rated by "SMH Good Food Guide").
  3. Members may also meet at other agreed times (unofficial events).
  4. All members will be given the opportunity to organise club events. The organiser of a club event will decide on the restaurant.
  5. Within 1 week after each official event, participants must write a review of their experience at the restaurant. For unofficial events participants are only required to provide scores (see rule 8).
  6. The review can be brief, but must be a genuine attempt by the Participant to give opinion on the quality of the restaurant.
  7. There is no limit on the length of each review.
  8. While the text of the review may focus on any aspect of the restaurant, the Participant must give scores out of 10 for the following aspects of the restaurant:
    Category Weighting
    Food Quality 40%
    Value 20%
    Ambiance 15%
    Cleanliness 10%
    Service 15%
    Overall 100%
  9. The final scores will be tallied and a weighted overall score will be calculated for each restaurant.
  10. A participant who does not observe the rules as set out above shall be suspended from participating in the club for 1 sitting.
  11. The reviews will be collected by the Nominated Member (Michael Lip), then stored and displayed as appropriate.

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